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Not a Moment to Lose

The Power of the Group

The blessing of inertia

The underlying premise of Lights Camera Climate is that there is tremendous power in consciousness. And, as can be seen on the page entitled "Big C," that amount of energy is magnified when individuals work together.

The climate crisis is driven by the dynamics of the interacting parts. These parts, such as the thawing permafrost, the wildfires, the ocean temperature and the melting of glaciers (there are over 35), create a complex system. And, we know that complex systems have inertia.

If we want to survive this predicament, we shall need to:

  1. See what is going on without bias or defensiveness.
  2. Place ourselves accurately in the context of evolution.
  3. Work together, with "new eyes," to discover how to respond.
  4. Lower the threshold from 1.5 degrees Celsius to 1.2.
  5. Become conscious of our individual carbon footprint.
  6. Take this situation VERY SERIOUSLY.

On this website, and www.itsmyclimate.com, you will find many useful videos. There is also a lecture series in the works.

The KEY is to watch media, work to understand what is being said, and then SHARE with your contacts, family and friends.

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and anything else you have access to. Don't assume that someone else will do this for us. The moment requires a firm commitment by everyone on earth.

Failure is not an option!!

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